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During a workshop at the Wellbeing Summit Brussels, titled “From EGO to ECO,” which took place at The Merode in November 2023, I proposed a regenerative coaching exercise. Participants had the opportunity to experience this exercise lying down, focusing on conscious and circular breathing. By connecting the inhale to the exhale, they induced a slight trance—a breathing circle.
However, this exercise can be just as easily done while seated, regardless of the circumstances. Its purpose is to allow individuals to quickly reconnect with different states and choose their focus. See:

Mudras: An Effective Way to Recharge

We incorporated mudras into this practice as an effective means of self-care. Mudras are hand gestures used during meditation, specifically designed to channel the body’s flow of energy. Over the centuries, more than 100 mudras have been created, each serving a unique purpose.
Adaptation and Inspiration
Drawing inspiration from Jeffrey Brantley’s work, the founder of a mindfulness stress reduction program at Duke University, USA, and co-author of “5 Good Minutes for Yourself in the Morning,” I adapt this ancient anchoring method according to the needs persons I am working with according to my sensitivity and inspiration. The result is a simple yet highly effective exercise that I frequently use in coaching, both individually and with groups.
Simplicity often holds great power. By engaging with these mudras and with the help of breathing consciously, we can harmonize our energy, cultivate inner peace, and enhance overall well-being. The practice of anchoring through hand gestures during meditation or relaxation exercises is a powerful way to channel our body’s energy flow.


    Touch your index finger with your thumb and recall a moment of great physical relaxation. Feel the ease and comfort in your body.
  2. Affectionate Exchange:
    Touch your middle finger with your thumb and remember a heartfelt interaction with someone special. It could be a loving conversation, an email, or a text message.
  3. Cherished Gesture:
    Touch your ring finger with your thumb and relive the memory of the most affectionate gesture you’ve ever received. Feel the warmth and love of that moment.
  4. Dream Place:
    Touch your little finger with your thumb and imagine a serene dream place. Picture its beauty, breathe in its essence, and let tranquility wash over you.


Forgiveness is a powerful practice. Let’s explore them:

  1. Forgive Yourself for a mistake:
    Touch your index finger with your thumb and allow forgiveness to flow. We all make mistakes, and it’s essential to release any self-blame or guilt.
  2. Forgive Yourself for a regret:
    Touch your middle finger with your thumb. Reflect on a specific regret you carry. Forgive yourself with compassion, knowing that growth comes from learning.
  3. Forgive a Friend:
    Touch your ring finger with your thumb. Bring to mind a friend or loved one. Extend forgiveness for any perceived slights or misunderstandings.
  4. Forgive Your Parents:
    Touch your little finger with your thumb. Our parents, too, are imperfect. Forgive them for any hurts, real or perceived, and embrace healing. Remember, forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves – a path to inner peace and freedom.


  1. Touch your index finger with your thumb and express gratitude to life itself. Acknowledge the gift of existence.
  2. Touch your middle finger with your thumb and extend thanks to our precious planet—the nurturing home we share.
  3. Touch your ring finger with your thumb and appreciate humanity—the collective tapestry of experiences and connections.
  4. Touch your little finger with your thumb and honor your parents—the roots from which you’ve grown.

The 4 I LOVE YOU’ S:

  1. Touch your index finger with your thumb and whisper “I love you” to the person who holds a special place in your heart.
  2. Touch your middle finger with your thumb and send love to our magnificent Earth—the source of life and wonder.
  3. Touch your ring finger with your thumb and express affection to your beloved pet—the loyal companion by your side.
  4. Touch your little finger with your thumb and share love with a plant or tree—a living reminder of resilience and growth.
    These gestures connect us to the essence of life, love, and interconnectedness.

Let’s explore each step of this anchoring method related to the forces of Nature ;

  1. Air (Thumb and Index Finger): As you touch your thumb to your index finger, express gratitude for the breath of life, the air that sustains us. Breathe deeply and feel the connection to the vital energy around you.
  2. Earth (Thumb and Middle Finger): Touch your thumb to your middle finger. Acknowledge the grounding force of the earth beneath you. Imagine roots extending from your body into the soil, providing stability and nourishment.
  3. Water (Thumb and Ring Finger): Now, connect your thumb to your ring finger. Visualize the flow of water—fluid, adaptable, and cleansing. Express gratitude for emotional fluidity and the ability to adapt to life’s currents.
  4. Fire (Thumb and Little Finger): Finally, touch your thumb to your little finger. Fire represents transformation, passion, and creativity. Feel the warmth and vitality within you. Ask for inspiration and courage to ignite your inner fire.

By intentionally engaging with these mudras, we can harmonize our energy and cultivate a sense of balance and well-being. Whether seated or lying down, this practice allows us to quickly reconnect with different states and choose where to direct our focus.
Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and your adaptation adds a personal touch that resonates with your sensitivity.
Thank you to Chloé Dungelhoeff and Maité Herkens for the invitation to this beautiful summit. Thank you for allowing me to share this beautiful practice!

By Daniëlle De Wilde

Daniëlle De Wilde

Director of
Coaching, mentoring and transitions institute

Author of ‘Inspirons!’
Ancestral wisdom and initiations in the service of regenerative coaching.

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